LoRaWAN Gateway


Semtech chip: SX1301/SX1308

NXP MCU: LS1012 MPU based on cortex-A53 kernel with the features of low-power consumption, multiple SX130x, full-duplex, etc. Meanwhile, it support some software features such as the GPS synchronization, Beacon, embedded LoRaWAN server and secondary development.

Hardware Features

· High-performance MCU based on cortex-A57, 512MB DDR, 4G EMMC.

· Linux operation system (64bit)

· Support 24 frequency points and 24 package concurrency simultaneously

· Support full duplex

· Support 4G uplink

Software Features

· Support embedded server

· Support time synchronization of SX130x

· Support redis and MySQL

· Support LoraWAN and Beacon

· Support LinkLoRa

· Support MQTT 

Gateway Selection Table

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