LoRa modulation chip: SX1278/SX276/SX1260/SX1280

NXP MCU: KL17 based on cortex-M0+

Simple, flexible and extensive adaptability, there are over 1 million modules have been running reliably and stably in the actual applications on site.

Hardware Features

· ultra-low power consumption(sleeping power dissipation<3uA )

·  super small size (13mm x17.8mm)

·  support multi-function (EU433,CN470,EU868,US915)

·  pin to pin design for different modules

Software Features

·  MP-OS support secondary-development

·  Support aliOS-things for secondary-development

·  Support LoRaWAN standard (ClassA,ClassB,ClassC)

·  Support transparent protocol

·  Support PDA

Module Selection Table  

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